Monday, February 13, 2012

Boo, XFX Graphics card company sucks!

I purchased a graphics card from them years ago, excited by their double lifetime warranty (7950)

about a year passes and in switching cases, the card hit the side and a capacitor fell off.

I communicated with xfx tech support and they told me the card would not be fixed as it took excessive force to rip the capacitor off. -- physical damage is uncovered by and voids the warranty.

Angry, I put it in storage and while moving, I found the capacitor that fell off, there is no torsion on the leads whatsoever, it's like it just popped out of the solder. you can see the indents in the solder on the board where it sat, no tension there, either.

So, I'm soldering it back and it's working fine.

I'll never buy XFX again and you should avoid too!