Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tybee island, ga

Savannah's beach:
You'd think with all the money unincorporated tybee island makes from parking, they'd give beach goers more than one port-a-potty to use as a restroom. Everyone just uses the ocean.

A good indicator of the worth of the beach is the cost of food. You can expect to pay about 3 times with things are worth. Soda which normally cost a dollar cost 2.75

the docks are usually in bad repair so be mindful when walking across those wooden 'bridges' to the beach, as a nail head could be slightly sticking up. I knew a friend who cut her foot horribly on one and have to go to the nearby lifegaurd-medical center where I believe they called an ambulance, as she didn't want to get stiches on the spot.

You can't  order drinks before 1230 on sunday

I've never seen a life gaurd, though there are multiple stations for them.

There's also multiple official assholes in gas powered golf carts, loudly putzing up and down the beach trying to catch offenders as to generate more profit for the city.

No dogs allowed.

Some small waves.

The common jellyfish here doesn't sting which makes it great to pick up and terrorize those who don't know that.

Hilton head is a better maintained island, though you can't drink on the beach, you can bring your dog.

There are also less well known beaches in savannah but I don't think I want to spoil it for us locals.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Is PC gaming dead?


This is a ridiculous question, stop asking it, stop writing it.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Trillian Pro

Trillian is a program that keeps you connected across many chat platforms. The program also allows you to use third party plugins (to support customized chat platforms) as well as many by default.

 The current flavor allows (requires?) you to create a trillian account, which then manages your passwords and other accounts- in this sense, it requires one login.

It is available for multiple operating systems from windows 95 and macOS to windows server 2008 and most noteably, mobile devices - allowing you to have online presence in FB, Myspace, gchat - across multiple accounts..

The pro account allows your histories to be sync'd between devices (can be disabled), as well as removes ads on all devices you sign in on.

I've been a user of trillian for many years. Today, I purchased the full, lifetime version.

What I don't like about it:

  • AOL popping up, saying I've signed in to more than one location wayy too often. Why can't I block that AIM bot?!
  • The single year license is pointless, and you might as well purchase the life time for x4 more.
  • Having to tweak the same preferences on each instance (turning off autoway, facebook notifications, sounds, ).
  • Not easy enough to get plugins, especially skins.
  • You can't depend on messages, on your mobile device: Sometimes there's a lag. it's not bad in conversation, but you should NOT expect to receive a message when the sender sends it - maybe it's different on WIFI..

What I like about it:

  • Making it minimal on my desktops..
  • the LAN chat feature
  • one password.
  • that it runs on my droid, my boss's iphone and our desktops,syncing chats which are searchable, and also lan's chat through our phones.
  • It was always a bit above average, but not enough to justify a purchase. Finally, after using it for about 10 years, I figured I owed em.

It's a good program, or maybe I don't know of any alternatives. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Boo, XFX Graphics card company sucks!

I purchased a graphics card from them years ago, excited by their double lifetime warranty (7950)

about a year passes and in switching cases, the card hit the side and a capacitor fell off.

I communicated with xfx tech support and they told me the card would not be fixed as it took excessive force to rip the capacitor off. -- physical damage is uncovered by and voids the warranty.

Angry, I put it in storage and while moving, I found the capacitor that fell off, there is no torsion on the leads whatsoever, it's like it just popped out of the solder. you can see the indents in the solder on the board where it sat, no tension there, either.

So, I'm soldering it back and it's working fine.

I'll never buy XFX again and you should avoid too!