Thursday, November 3, 2016

Laura Stiles of Savannah & PortWentworth, GA - Employers and people getting involved - Beware!

Laura Stiles of Portwentworth, GA (Location provided by her facebook). 
I met her in Savannah, GA at a mutal friends house party.

As evident below, Laura Stiles, of Portwentworth GA seems to be someone who chooses to ignore inconvenient truths, who twists herself into a victim and makes up rationale, situations and reality so that she can perpetuate her victim-hood and justify her opinions/choices. She, from my experience, seems to project these failings onto others as to further her agenda all the while maintaining how she is above it and removing lies and assholes from her life.

It seems to me she's considers her behavior logical and honest but as evident below, that cannot be further from the truth.

I believe she should not be allowed to work in any environment where she serves the public - I would suggest that public, educational, and therapy sectors be right-out for her - or at the least her employers should be aware enough to keep a written log of what I imagine are her frequent strange and inconsistent interactions - as one day someone she interacts is likely to say something which triggers Laura Stiles of Portwentworth GA, or she otherwise disagreed with, or would take offense to, and the company/individual would find itself in in the middle of a harassment, rape or hostile workplace environment lawsuit.

As evident below, Laura Stiles  believes that an accusation is all it takes to prove guilt - unless she disagrees with the information, in which case even hard, cold and verified facts are 'always lies'.

Below is an historical account of my interactions as of the past 7 or so days. As you can see, I responded to her hyperbolic post (which for someone looking to remove assholes and liars, seems a bit on the nose!), then called out her follow up about Trump being a rapist due to the accusation of a serial accuser.

After Laura Stiles de-friended me, I gathered evidence and I shared publicly with my facebook peers and then sent her, via Facebook message, a link to it. I did not receive a response: 
Lost a FB friend because I think that an accusation isn't proof of guilt. I took screenshots (I can just tell!) but meh.
Innocent until PROVEN guilty.
Relatedly, rape trials can be BS - you can't cross examine, and a lot of other strange legalities which prevent a proper administration of justice. I read of an instance where a woman was a serial false-rape accusor and that fact wasn't allowed to be introduced before the court.
Remember the rolling stone UVA debacaul? They won't release the the name of jane-doe accusor but an entire frat was dragged through the mud by a woman who made it all up, she couldn't even keep her story straight but rolling stone went with it and created hysteria.
In the UK a law is being passed that you can't even KNOW who is accusing you of rape.…/suspects-to-lose-right-to-kno… (reddit comments:
In the US, colleges are taking over sexual assault accusations and don't allow proper recourse -- or even clearing one's name. (see my comment link below for an article which speaks to this).
It's a hot-button topic, but if all it takes is an accusation to believe someone is a rapist, you should probably get some/more therapy!
Logic not emotion
Link to this facebook post, lots of interesting articles here with give more weight to my argument :

Without a response, I was fine to go on my way. I don't need to be liked, there are plenty of people I can not get along with, I don't need to interact with one specifically, especially someone who isn't keen to discuss.

But then something interesting happened. On reddit, subreddits are groups for discussion run by users. One of these subreddits is called /r/enoughtrumpspam - they strongly dislike Trump. For months they were jokingly equating Trump to a NAMBLA supporter - but when the article about Trump being accused of rape by a then 13 year old girl, the anti-trump subreddit tore it apart! I found this relevent to Laura, so I wrote a post and again, shared it with her via FBMessage.

A subreddit called enoughtrumpspam hates trump and posted an article about Trump being accused of rape (in a civil not criminal case!). I've had some friends take the accusation to heart believing anything which furthers their bias, however even in the subreddit which hates Trump, they pulled this article apart and deleted it. The accuser has a penchant for sueing celebrities and the prosecutor is a former Jerry springer executive, among many other irregularities.
If you believed this accusation to be true simply by the accusation without considering ulterior motive, or before it went to court or was seriously analyzed - you may be a Jerry Springer voter - damn substance, truth and critical thinking you found something entertaining and emotional/reactionary to focus your bird brain on :
Comments from the subreddit which tracks deletions. Headline goes back to the original anti trump post :…/5004_trump_raped_a_13_year_old_gi…/
 Link to this facebook post:

Finally, I found evidence that Clinton knowingly helped a rapist escape conviction. Clinton supposedly laughed about it later, saying she lost faith in polygraphs as she knew her client was guilty but passed. The victim in this situation said that Hillary openly called her a liar in the court room, even though she knew her attacker committed the heinous act. I thought this especially relevant to the topic Laura and I discussed, so I tagged her in it in hopes that she'd see it and have to confront her hypocritical reality.

As you can see, she rejected out of hand whatever I said. Laura Stiles said that I made a rape joke (I didn't, you can see in my original post) and that "everything I said was a lie". . I'm cool with being defriended, I don't need anyone to agree with me but I do care about others and I think this type of hateful, blatant yet seemingly unrecognized hypocrisy and framing displayed here poses a threat to those that interact with Laura Stiles. I was fine with all this until she wrote to reject my information, say everything I said was a lie, and then do the very thing she defriended me for without an inkling of understanding of the irony she was perpetrating.

It seems evident, to me, that Laura Stiles doesn't have integrity, nor does she believe that people are innocent until proven guilty. If reality  doesn't match Laura's expectations or bias, you should probably prepare for mental gymnastics the like you've never seen.

Here's a picture of Laura. Beware!
I removed the baby from the photo.